Our History

Back in 2002, two businessmen, a Brazilian and a Swiss, have met and decided to create a product that would deliver all the flavor and benefits of coconut water to the world.

This is how Paraipaba was founded,  a company specializing in packaging natural  and flavorful green coconut water, under the Nosso Coco brand.

The headquarters was established in Paraipaba, a city in the state of  Ceará, region known for the perfect conditions for growing coconuts. With proximity to the port of Pecém, our products are delivered fresh to  customers all over the world.

In 2010, the second facility was opened in the state of Pernambuco, dedicated exclusively to extraction of coconut water.

The company uses Tetra Pak's UHT sterilization system in environmentally friendly packaging that allows to keep the high quality of the product longer.

Today we are exporting to several brands over more than 17 countries.

Nosso Coco is the result of extensive research with the objective of formulating a product that preserves natural flavor and nutrition of coconut water. This is why it is made exclusively with green coconuts farmed from the North and Northwest of Brazil.

In 2010 Nosso Coco Organic was released, a unique product made with 100% organic coconut from certified farms. Nosso Coco is certified by the Biodynamic Institute Certification Association. Today Nosso Coco is present in the major grocers and retailers of the country and is exported to more than 17 other countries.


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